With Action Golf Marketing’s eStore functionality, which is available in most of our packages, it’s an essential tool to help you sell your products to a wider audience.   Imagine selling your products 24 hours a day to people that might be far away.  A daughter from another state might want to buy a gift card for her dad that lives near you. Keep in mind this transaction might be happening well after you closed and from a client that would have never driven to your location themselves.  Now they can get dad what he really wants and not “another tie”.

Many people think “they are too busy for this” or “this is going to be too hard or time consuming to manage”.  But in reality it’s no different than one of your customers calling you on the phone and ordering the item.  The best part: it’s as if you had a self service line where the client did everything themselves.  They ‘filled out the address forms themselves’, ‘processed their own credit card themselves’,  and all you had to do was drop the order in the mail.  The other benefit is you can process this order at your leisure, unlike the customer on the phone that forces you to drop everything and take care of them right then.

If your marketing strategy doesn’t include ecommerce you could be missing out on a large opportunity to sell more:

  • Gift Cards
  • Memberships
  • Prepaid Greens Fee Cards
  • Logo Hats/apparel
  • Souvenir Logo balls
  • Event/Tournament tickets
  • Brunch tickets

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