Mobile Friendly Websites

If your golf course doesn’t have a mobile strategy you are likely missing out on the fastest growing segment of the consumer market.  Even though you might use the internet, there are many segments of the population that haven’t adopted a computer in the home for a variety of reasons (socio-economic, age, etc.) although most Americans have a mobile phone.

Recent sales stats (US and Canada):

  • As of early 2012, 88% of American adults have a cell phone, 58% have a desktop computer, 61% have a laptop, 18% own an e-book reader, and 18% have a tablet computer.
  • comScore estimate average US smartphone ownership at 41.8% of mobile subscribers or 98 million people for the same period.
  • 13% of seniors use a Smart Phone.
  • They give an equivalent number for Canada of 45.3%.
  • A Pew Internet Project survey from February 2012 found 46% of US adults owned a smartphone. The figure is 71% among 25-34 year-olds.

If your customer only uses a Smart Phone they might not find your site if your website wasn’t built to accommodate it.  Action Golf Marketing has many different mobile options available to help you reach this important segment.  We offer browser compatibility options that are mobile-friendly.  This unique view of your website will load quickly, display important information about your facility, auto-format using touch screen style navigation, and allow you to grow your marketing reach and not “turn away” this important segment.

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